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Generative AI Is Coming For the Lawyers
Large law firms are using a tool made by OpenAI to research and write legal documents. What could go wrong?
More Data Types More Problems: A Temporal Analysis of Complexity, Stability, and Sensitivity in Privacy Policies
Collecting personally identifiable information (PII) on data subjects hasbecome big business. Data brokers and data processors are part of amulti-billion-dollar industry that profits from collecting, buying, and sellingconsumer data. Yet there is little transparency in the data collection industr…
AI won’t make artists redundant - thanks to information theory
How many bits are there in a prompt? How many bits are needed to create an image? In short: a lot!
Researchers Discover a More Flexible Approach to Machine Learning - Nautilus
“Liquid” neural nets, based on a worm’s nervous system, can transform their underlying algorithms on the fly, giving them unprecedented speed and adaptability.
Multi-Valued Neural Networks I A Multi-Valued Associative Memory
A new concept of a multi-valued associative memory is introduced,generalizing a similar one in fuzzy neural networks. We expand the results onfuzzy associative memory with thresholds, to the case of a multi-valued one: weintroduce the novel concept of such a network without numbers, investigate i…
On the Robustness of ChatGPT: An Adversarial and Out-of-distribution Perspective
ChatGPT is a recent chatbot service released by OpenAI and is receivingincreasing attention over the past few months. While evaluations of variousaspects of ChatGPT have been done, its robustness, i.e., the performance whenfacing unexpected inputs, is still unclear to the public. Robustness is of…
From retail to transport: how AI is changing every corner of the economy
Artificial intelligence has implication across the board, solving problems and raising others



To Build Truly Intelligent Machines, Teach Them Cause and Effect | Quanta Magazine
Judea Pearl, a pioneering figure in artificial intelligence, argues that AI has been stuck in a decades-long rut. His prescription for progress? Teach machines to understand the question why.
by u/Smooth-Ad1528 in DeepLearningPapers
Planning for AGI and beyond
Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence—AI systems that are generally smarter than humans—benefits all of humanity. If AGI is successfully created, this technology could help us elevate humanity by increasing abundance, turbocharging the global economy, and aiding in the disc…

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Welcome to the Everyday Series meetup where we talk about generative AI, new technology, research and much more. If you are not a member yet, please subscribe to...

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AI-Powered Presentation Tool Tome Raises $43 Million in Funding to Revolutionize Storytelling and Productivity
MagicTome, a San Francisco-based startup, has recently raised $43 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, bringing the company’s valuation to $300 million post-investment. The company’s software uses artificial intelligence to generate presentations and pitch decks wi…
Meta, the research arm of Facebook, recently released a series of language models called LLaMA, which ranges in size from 7 billion to 65 billion parameters. These models were trained on publicly available datasets, without the use of proprietary or inaccessible data. The largest model, LLaMA-65B, i…

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