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The list of upcoming events for Everyday Series

Past events

Generative AI · Zoom · Luma
The event will be about geberative AI
Artificial Intelligence · Zoom · Luma
Update:On request of many, I am moving the meetup to next month, Saturday the 14th. Please update your calendars accordingly. Meanwhile, you can check the next few days’ posts on...
Everyday Series 2.0 · Zoom · Luma
This is a closed event only for the paid members of the Everyday Series CommunityIf you are not a paid member and want to know more, head up here:...
Data Science and AI for businesses · Zoom · Luma
There is no doubt that data science and artificial intelligence are transforming businesses. However, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in these fields....
Can machines learn the same way as humans do? · Zoom · Luma
There is a lot of debate surrounding the topic of whether machines can learn in the same way as humans. Some believe that this is not possible, while others think that it is only a matter of time...
Everyday Series - Networking - Zoom
Zoom Networking SessionThis is our first post-quiz session for the Everyday Series.I would like to invite everyone who attempted the quiz on Artificial Intelligence to join us for a zoom...

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