You might have been wowed by ChatGPT by now and would have created various posts, blogs and articles using the research preview of ChatGPT. Did you try and ask ChatGPT to calculate the sine of 35 or cosine of 55 ? Or have you tried to calculate the distance between pluto and neptune? If you got the wrong answer, maybe you need yet smarter tool.

WolframAlpha is a powerful computational system. It can answer questions, provide insights, and offer data-driven suggestions. It provides access to the world’s largest collection of algorithms, data, and models. It allows users to explore, visualize, and interact with data in ways that were previously impossible

WolframAlpha is designed to be integrated into other services such as chatbots, and offers a wide range of capabilities. Being a computational engine it helps perform real computation, a feat missing from ChatGPT.

The following blog by Stephen Wolfram suggests ways in which ChatGPT and it's powers can be enhanced a lot by using it with Wolfram Alpha.

The article shows a lot of limitations of ChatGPT when it comes to computation like the distance between Mars and Sun, or even basic things like calculating the square of a square of a number.

Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT
Accessing Wolfram|Alpha’s computational knowledge with ChatGPT--an ideal alliance of precise combination with human-like expression of ideas. Stephen Wolfram explains how.

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