ServiceNow and Hugging Face have released StarCoder, one of the world's most responsibly developed and strongest-performing open-access large language models (LLMs) for code generation. The 15 billion parameters StarCoder LLM is designed to make generative AI more transparent and accessible, enabling responsible innovation at scale. This new LLM is the next major milestone in the BigCode Project, an initiative to develop state-of-the-art AI systems for code in an open and responsible manner, with the support of the open-scientific AI research community.

The StarCoder model is designed to level the playing field so that developers from organizations of all sizes can harness the power of generative AI and maximize the business impact of automation with the proper governance, safety, and compliance protocols. Trained with a trillion tokens of permissively licensed source code covering over 80 programming languages, StarCoder can be deployed to bring pair-programming like generative AI to applications with capabilities like text-to-code and text-to-workflow.

This model gives professional software engineers the power to tackle the most complex programming challenges and empowers citizen developers to build new software regardless of technical ability, accelerating AI innovation at scale. The model will be released with open access on the Hugging Face platform Code Open RAIL-M license to permit royalty-free distribution.

Unlike traditional open-source software released without use case restrictions, BigCode releases the model with a responsible AI model license that includes use case restrictions that apply to modifications of the model and applications using the model. Supporting code has been open-sourced on the BigCode project's GitHub.

ServiceNow Research and Hugging Face launched the joint BigCode Project in September 2022. The project continues to operate as an open scientific collaboration as the two companies harness the collective brainpower and resources from the open-source community through BigCode working groups, task forces, and meetups.

Beyond key partnerships and collaborations, ServiceNow is continuously embedding enterprise AI capabilities across the Now Platform to fulfill its mission of being the world's most intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation. ServiceNow has expanded its portfolio with several notable AI acquisitions in the last three years, bringing practical, purpose-built AI capabilities to the Now Platform.

Overall, StarCoder is an impressive achievement that sets a new standard for responsible and transparent AI development. With the release of StarCoder, developers of all sizes will have the tools they need to leverage generative AI and maximize the business impact of automation.

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