A Paradigm-Defining Multimodal Generative AI Model

In the dynamic landscape of generative AI, where machines explore the domains of language and imagery, an innovative contender named CM3leon has emerged. This multifaceted framework not only understands and expresses language but also crafts vivid images from textual input. Today, we embark on a captivating journey to uncover the marvels of CM3leon and its potential to reshape creativity across text and images.

A Fusion of Text and Images

As the horizon of generative AI expands, CM3leon shines as a beacon of innovation. This unique model pioneers the exploration of both text-to-image and image-to-text generation, setting a new precedent for versatility. The prowess of CM3leon resides in its unique recipe, a fusion of large-scale retrieval-augmented pre-training and multitask supervised fine-tuning. This recipe delivers a powerful model that rivals existing diffusion-based counterparts while operating with remarkable efficiency.

A New Era of Multimodal Expression

CM3leon introduces a novel dimension to generative AI—the ability to generate both text and images in response to diverse inputs. This landmark development is termed a causal masked mixed-modal (CM3) model, offering a transformative shift from conventional models that were confined to either text-to-image or image-to-text capabilities. This versatility marks the dawn of a new era, where creative expression is boundless and unified.

Elevating Image Generation

Traditionally, image generation models faced challenges in capturing intricate details and global shapes. CM3leon emerges as a stalwart in this realm, adeptly recovering both fine details and broader structures. Whether it's generating complex compositional objects or performing text-guided image editing, CM3leon showcases its prowess by conjuring vivid imagery that aligns with textual instructions.

Structure-guided image editing

Structure-guided image editing involves understanding and interpreting not only textual instructions but also structural or layout information that’s provided as input. This enables CM3leon models to create visually coherent and contextually appropriate edits to an image while adhering to the given structure or layout guidelines.


Given a text description of the bounding box segmentation of the image, an image can be generated.

Super-resolution results:examples for the prompts: (1) Turtle swimming underwater. Aesthetic. Fantasy. (2) Elephant swimming underwater. Aesthetic. Fantasy. (3) Flock of sheep. Aesthetic. Fantasy.

An Unparalleled Performer

On the challenging landscape of image generation benchmarks, CM3leon outshines its counterparts. With an FID score of 4.88 on the widely-used zero-shot MS-COCO benchmark, CM3leon establishes a new pinnacle in text-to-image generation. This accomplishment reinforces the potency of retrieval augmentation and underscores the pivotal role of scaling strategies in enhancing autoregressive models.

Text tasks(Example)

The CM3leon model can also follow a range of different prompts to generate short or long captions and answer questions about an image.

For example, imagine a dog carrying a stick.

Prompt Question: What is the dog carrying?

Model Generation: Stick

Prompt: Describe the given image in very fine detail.

Model Generation: In this image, there is a dog holding a stick in its mouth. There is grass on the surface. In the background of the image, there are trees.

Empowering Creativity and Collaboration

CM3leon isn't just a technological marvel; it's a catalyst for creativity. Its exceptional performance spans tasks like image caption generation, visual question answering, and text-based editing. The application of large-scale multitask instruction tuning furthers its capabilities, enhancing its adeptness in accommodating various prompts and instructions.

A Step Towards Ethical AI

CM3leon's journey is underpinned by responsibility and transparency. It emphasizes the importance of ethical AI advancement, taking strides to address biases, and providing a model that's equitable and fair. By sharing insights into its training and development, CM3leon fosters a collaborative spirit, inviting the AI community to join forces in shaping a more inclusive future.

Charting the Future

As the AI landscape evolves, models like CM3leon chart the course for a future brimming with creative potential. With its ability to bridge the gap between text and images, CM3leon paves the way for applications in the metaverse, driving innovation and creativity to new horizons. The journey of CM3leon is far from over, promising more breakthroughs and inspiring new heights in multimodal language models.

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