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The World This Week

In the world of AI

Startups, Businesses and Enterprise

New-and-Improved Content Moderation Tooling
We are introducing a new-and-improved content moderation tool: The Moderation endpoint improves upon our previous content filter, and is available for free today to OpenAI API developers. To help developers protect their applications against possible misuse, we are introducing the faster and more…
Introducing the Google Universal Image Embedding Challenge
Posted by Bingyi Cao, Software Engineer, Google Research, and Mário Lipovský, Software Engineer, Google Lens Computer vision models see d...
Stable Diffusion launch announcement — Stability.Ai
Stable Diffusion launch announcement
Will strong and fast-switching artificial muscle be feasible?
A research team has developed a bifunctional polymer electrolyte with enhanced mechanical strength and ionic conductivity. The new technology can be applied to producing strong artificial muscles with fast switching speeds.
Hyundai announces $400M AI, robotics institute – TechCrunch
Hyundai announced the Boston Dynamics AI Institute, which aims to advance research in artificial intelligence and robotics. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass.
Meet CyberOne, Xiaomi’s new humanoid robot – TechCrunch
CyberOne is the latest sign of Xiaomi’s growing robotics ambitions, which began with vacuums and have since expanded to include last year’s Spot-esque CyberDog.
Automated techniques could make it easier to develop AI
Automated machine learning promises to speed up the process of developing AI models and make the technology more accessible.
Efficient Video-Text Learning with Iterative Co-tokenization
Posted by AJ Piergiovanni and Anelia Angelova, Research Scientists, Google Research, Brain Team Video is an ubiquitous source of media co...

Research Papers and Open Source

TotalSegmentator: robust segmentation of 104 anatomical structures in CT images
In this work we focus on automatic segmentation of multiple anatomicalstructures in (whole body) CT images. Many segmentation algorithms exist forthis task. However, in most cases they suffer from 3 problems: 1. They aredifficult to use (the code and data is not publicly available or difficult to…
GitHub - nnaisense/evotorch: EvoTorch is an advanced evolutionary computation library built directly on top of PyTorch, created at NNAISENSE.
EvoTorch is an advanced evolutionary computation library built directly on top of PyTorch, created at NNAISENSE. - GitHub - nnaisense/evotorch: EvoTorch is an advanced evolutionary computation libr...
PointTree: Transformation-Robust Point Cloud Encoder with Relaxed K-D Trees
Being able to learn an effective semantic representation directly on rawpoint clouds has become a central topic in 3D understanding. Despite rapidprogress, state-of-the-art encoders are restrictive to canonicalized pointclouds, and have weaker than necessary performance when encountering geometri…
Traffic State Data Imputation: An Efficient Generating Method Based on the Graph Aggregator
Road traffic state estimation is an essential component of intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). However, road traffic state data collected by traffic detectors are often incomplete, which can cause problems across a variety of transportation applications, such as traffic state prediction and p…
Practical Deep Learning for Coders - Practical Deep Learning
A free course designed for people with some coding experience, who want to learn how to apply deep learning and machine learning to practical problems.

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