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The state of AI report is one of the most awaited report on AI, published by

Nathan Benaich (Air Street Capital), and

Ian Hogarth (Plural)

The report is published every year and covers:

  1. Research: Technology breakthroughs and their capabilities.
  2. Industry: Areas of commercial application for AI and its business impact.
  3. Politics: Regulation of AI, its economic implications and the evolving geopolitics of AI.
  4. Predictions: What we believe will happen and a performance review to keep us honest.

This year's report also covers AI Safety and indicates that the AI community is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of AI safety research.

You can download the report here:

State of AI Report 2022
The State of AI Report analyses the most interesting developments in AI. Read and download here.

In subsequent posts, I will pick some aspects from the report and will take a deep dive.

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