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Artificial Intelligence


It has been defined in many ways, but in general, it can be described as a way of making a computer system “smart” – that is, able to understand complex tasks and carry out complex commands. AI is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent agents, which are systems that can reason, learn, and act autonomously.

The term “intelligence” in this context refers to the ability of the agent to understand its environment and take actions that maximize its chances of success.

The history of AI research can be traced back to the early days of computing when Alan Turing and others proposed that a machine could be built that could carry out any task that a human could if it was given the right instructions.

In the intervening years, AI has made great strides, and there are now many examples of AI systems that can carry out tasks that would be difficult or impossible for a human. However, there are also many tasks that humans can do easily that are still beyond the capabilities of AI.

Everyday AI

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Everyday AI

Our first experiment was to teach AI over WhatsApp was aimed to check the micro-byte learning format. It was not easy to share various things like images, mathematical equations etc and that learning has led us to build a structure around the learning.

We will try to adhere to the following structure in the larger scheme of things, though variations may happen.

Getting Started

This will be the most important segment where we will introduce various tools, technologies and methodologies used by AI practitioners.

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning

We will introduce various supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and their applications in various domains.

Deep Learning

We will introduce various deep learning architectures and their applications in various domains.

Recommendation System

We will introduce various recommendation system algorithms and their applications in various domains.

Neural Network

Different architectures, theory, products including history of AI will be discussed

Computer Vision

We will discuss various computer vision techniques and their applications

Natural Language Processing

We will introduce various natural language processing algorithms, theory and their applications in various domains

Speech Synthesis

We will discuss how AI can be used for speech synthesis and its applications.

Generative Adversarial Networks

We will discuss how generative adversarial networks can be used for various tasks such as image generation and data augmentation.

Ethics in AI

Reinforcement Learning

We will discuss how reinforcement learning can be used for various tasks such as robotics and game playing.

Synthetic Data and Internet of things

We will discuss how synthetic data can be used for various tasks such as training machine learning models and how internet of things can be used for collecting data, processing and building smarter machines.

Time Series Analysis

Various time series methodologies will be discussed including but not limited to the ones used in stock market prediction and sales prediction.

Nonlinear Systems

Various nonlinear systems including but not limited to chaotic systems, computer architectures based on them etc will be discussed.


Apart from this we will also cover the use of Artificial Intelligence in the following themes covered on weekly newsletters

Artificial Intelligence in:
- Legaltech
- Agritech
- Insuretech
- FamilyTech
- BioTech
- CleanTech
- EdTech
- FinTech
- FoodTech
- HealthTech
- GreenTech
- InsurTech
- MADTech / ADTech
- PropTech
- PRTech
- RetailTech
- TravelTech

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