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Everyday Series

We start with our own Everyday Series.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest upgrade, which will revolutionize the way you experience our AI blog. Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you a completely revamped website, focused on productivity and generative AI. We believe this upgrade will elevate your everyday productivity with the power of AI at your fingertips.

AI Tools: A new AI tool for you to use everyday

One of the key features of this upgrade is the introduction of completely new sections for AI Tools. Now, you can access the power of generative AI as part of their exploration on our website. We create a new application every day, which you can use to increase your productivity. From TweetCraft to Yummly and WriteRight, our AI tools are designed to help you do more in less time.

Newsletter: New sections for those who want to understand complex things simple

For our newsletter readers, we have exciting news as well. We have introduced new categories to our newsletter, including Paper Review, Tutorials, and In Simple Words. Our Paper Review category covers various research papers on AI and simplifies them for you. Our Tutorials category provides tutorials on AI tools, which anyone can consume. And in our  In Simple Words category, complex jargon is broken down into simple words, making it easier for anyone to understand.

Events: Attend our upcoming zoom event

We are also excited to announce that we will be hosting regular monthly events on Generative AI, so you can stay updated with the latest developments in AI technology.

Personalized Dashboard: Track, Earn, and Enhance Your Productivity

Welcome to your new user dashboard on Everyday Series!

Here, you'll have access to all of your AI tools, point balance, and personalized recommendations based on your usage. You can track your progress, earn more points, and take your productivity to the next level with generative AI. Plus, you can easily refer friends and earn even more points to use on the tools you love. We hope you enjoy using your new user dashboard and look forward to helping you achieve your goals with the power of AI.

AI teaching bot: ChatGPT for AI learning

In addition, we have introduced a chatbot on our website, which will help you get responses in a conversational way. You can use the chatbot to ask questions about AI, and we will ensure that your queries are answered in a timely and helpful manner.

Points: Your currency which will keep on giving

Finally, we have introduced a points system to our website. Every user will receive points every month, which they can use to access AI tools for their work. Additionally, users can earn more points by referring others to our website, making it easier for them to access the power of AI as well.

Referral: The more, the merrier

Earn points and enhance your productivity by referring your friends to Everyday Series! For every friend you refer, you'll earn additional points that can be used to explore AI tools and take your productivity to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn more points and improve your workflow with generative AI.

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At Everyday Series, we believe in providing you with the best AI experience possible. With our latest upgrade, we are confident that you will be able to do more, learn more, and achieve more in your everyday life.

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AI this week

Our regular section

In recent news, a new study suggests that blending human and computer-designed microchip processes could reduce costs by half compared to depending on human experts alone. This breakthrough highlights the potential of AI to optimize complex tasks and could lead to significant savings in the semiconductor industry.

Human-AI Team Ups Could Slash Chip Development Costs
A hybrid design strategy may make the most of human intuition

In other research, a team of scientists has introduced a new task of zero-shot text-to-video generation and proposed a low-cost approach by leveraging existing text-to-image synthesis methods. This could revolutionize the way we generate video content and enhance our productivity with generative AI.

Text2Video-Zero: Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators
Recent text-to-video generation approaches rely on computationally heavytraining and require large-scale video datasets. In this paper, we introduce anew task of zero-shot text-to-video generation and propose a low-cost approach(without any training or optimization) by leveraging the power of exi…

We also bring you a new rubric that assesses occupations based on their correspondence with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) capabilities. This study indicates that approximately 80% of the U.S. workforce could have at least 10% of their work tasks affected by the introduction of GPTs. This could have significant economic, social, and policy implications, and we are excited to see how this technology continues to shape the future of work.

GPTs are GPTs: An early look at the labor market impact potential of large language models

On the ethics front, we bring you a thought-provoking article about advances in neurotechnology and the potential implications for privacy and individual rights. The Battle for Your Brain, a new book by Professor Nita Farahany, highlights the need for lawmakers to enact protections for our private thoughts in a world where they may no longer be private.

The professor trying to protect our private thoughts from technology
Prof Nita Farahany argues in her new book, The Battle for Your Brain, that intrusions into the mind are so close that lawmakers should enact protections

Finally, we want to remind you of the exciting new features we have introduced on the Everyday Series website. With AI tools, a new points system, a chatbot, and personalized recommendations on your user dashboard, you can explore the power of generative AI and enhance your productivity like never before.


AI tool of the week

Now that we have started launching AI tools

Do you ever find yourself with a specific food item in mind, but not sure what ingredients are needed to make it? Or, do you have a bunch of ingredients in your fridge and pantry, but are not sure what you can make with them? If you can relate to these scenarios, then you need a tool that can help you find the right ingredients for your next meal.

Introducing Yummly - the tool that provides a list of ingredients based on a food item. Yummly is a recipe app that allows users to search for recipes based on the food they have or want to cook. Whether you're looking for a specific dish or just need some inspiration, Yummly has got you covered. Read more here:

Do you ever find yourself with a specific food item in mind, but not sure what ingredients are needed to make it? Or, do you have a bunch of ingredients in your fridge and pantry, but not sure what you can make with them? If you can relate to these

Video Walkthrough



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Do you ever find yourself with a specific food item in mind, but not sure what ingredients are needed to make it? Or, do you have a bunch of ingredients in your fridge and pantry, but not sure what you can make with them? If you can relate to these

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