Once upon a time, as part of a project called "New Kind of Education" at the Wolfram Summer School in 2009, I embarked on a journey to explore the realms of curiosity, creativity, and the nonlinear complexities of learning. Amidst this exploration, a profound realization dawned upon me: stories hold an incredible power in enhancing learning, retention, and engagement.

People remember stories

This epiphany sparked a fervent desire within me to create products that could demystify any concept through the art of storytelling.

The path, however, was strewn with challenges. Crafting and simplifying stories to effectively convey complex ideas proved to be a herculean task. Many of my initial initiatives (It's greek to me, funstore) stumbled and fell short of their goals, leaving the dream somewhat unfulfilled.

But then, a new chapter began with the arrival of GPT-4, Gemini, and various other Large Language Models (LLMs). These advanced tools opened up unprecedented possibilities for story creation. They are equipping me with the ability to write relevant, engaging stories that could effectively put a point across. While it's true that these AI-driven narratives aren't flawless, they represent a significant stride towards realizing my vision. It's a good start indeed.

Introducing the "Everyday Stories" Section

Building on this momentum, I am thrilled to announce a brand new section in our AI blog – Everyday Stories. Imagine unraveling the intricate world of artificial intelligence and other technical topics, but through the enchanting lens of children's stories.

"Everyday Stories" is designed to make learning about AI and complex concepts a delightful and accessible experience for everyone. Our goal is to transform technical jargon into engaging, easy-to-understand narratives. Whether you're a young learner, a parent, an educator, or simply someone with a spark of curiosity about AI, these stories are crafted for you.

Christmas Advent Calendar:

A Journey Through Generative AI and ChatGPT

This December, join us for a special treat in the "Everyday Stories" section – our Christmas Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendar
Learn one topic a day, everyday

Starting December 1st, we are simplifying Generative AI and the workings of ChatGPT through a unique story each day. Just like a traditional advent calendar, we will unveil a new article every day leading up to December 24th.

Ten captivating stories are already live, each unfolding a new aspect of this fascinating AI world in a simple, story-like manner.

All the stories are available free of cost for anyone to read.

Share the Magic of Learning!

If you know someone – friends, family, colleagues – who would enjoy exploring the world of AI in a simple, story-like format, do encourage them to check out our "Everyday Stories" section and our Christmas Advent Calendar series. It's a unique way to broaden knowledge and ignite imagination in readers of all ages.

Stay tuned for our upcoming stories and join us on this exciting adventure into the world of artificial intelligence!

Warm regards,

PS: If you have some stories to share, or want us to cover any topic in story format, please send an email.