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For last many weeks the team behind everyday series was putting lots of efforts and today I am excited to share the new updates to the platform. This is the biggest feature update to everyday series and I am excited to share about it here:

Personalized Learning Tracker: There were a lot of requests around ways to structurally study different posts, now you can head over to https://everydayseries.com/accounts and can filter posts by the days and split between read and unread posts. Every post now comes with a button for you to mark if you have read the post.

Points: As an extra dose of motivation and preparation for the future, you can now collect points to read the posts and take quizzes. Every post, if read on the same day as published will get you +5 points, while on any other day will give you +2 points. Note that these points will have some surprise elements later as we evolve but till we reach there, you can use them as a motivational module.

Both the features are released as alpha and I need your help with feedback to improve them. Please reply to this email or send your feedback via chatbot.  

AI driven post summaries (Coming soon): Soon we are releasing methods to have mico-bite information for every post, for those who wants to read it on the go.  

Ghost 5.0: Now we are using the latest version of the blog so you may see many new features coming up soon.

After this exciting news, now let's get back to topic of the week:
Echo State Network.

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