Empower Your Strategic Teams with Coral - The Customizable, Secure, and Intelligent Enterprise Chatbot

In the fast-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, efficiency, and productivity are vital for success. Cohere introduces Coral, the enterprise knowledge assistant designed to boost productivity within strategic teams. With up to 20% of an employee's workday spent on information search, Coral streamlines tasks and provides instant access to accurate information.

Tailored to Suit Your Enterprise

Coral, powered by Cohere's Command model, is meticulously trained in chat, reasoning, and writing capabilities. Its adaptability allows seamless customization, tailoring its knowledge base and data connections to meet the unique requirements of each company. Privacy and data security are paramount, as Coral operates within a private environment, safeguarding sensitive information from external exposure.

Accelerating Productivity Across Industries

Consumer chatbots have already demonstrated improved productivity in various tasks, and Coral's potential benefits extend to businesses across industries and functions. Knowledge workers, such as analysts, engineers, and legal professionals, greatly benefit from Coral's versatile assistance, empowering them to research, summarize, and draft with unparalleled efficiency.

Enhancing Customer Support Operations

Customer support departments recognize Coral's value in enhancing their operations. With instant access to accurate product information, the chatbot enables support agents to resolve cases faster and more precisely. Studies indicate that an internal chatbot can lead to an average 14% increase in resolved issues, positively influencing customer sentiment and improving employee retention.

Building Trust through Data Security and Grounding Mechanism

While the potential of chatbots is immense, data privacy and trust in generative AI have been significant barriers to adoption. Coral addresses these concerns by securely keeping data within the company's data perimeter. Its grounding mechanism ensures relevant data sources are provided, enabling users to verify responses and ensure accuracy in their interactions.

The Power of Partnership

In collaboration with market leaders, Cohere has developed Coral as an enterprise-grade chatbot tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Its conversational interface, customization options, grounding mechanisms, and data privacy features make it an invaluable tool for unlocking the potential of knowledge assistants and redefining productivity.

Achieving Enterprise Productivity with Coral

Coral represents a transformative step towards enhancing productivity within enterprises. By streamlining access to information and providing intelligent support, Coral empowers knowledge workers and customer support teams to perform their tasks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. With data security at the forefront, Coral ensures sensitive information remains within the organization, while its grounding mechanism guarantees users can confidently rely on its responses. As businesses look to the future of knowledge assistance, Coral stands as an indispensable partner in driving success and productivity within strategic teams.

Introducing Coral, the Knowledge Assistant for Enterprises
Today, we’re excited to introduce Coral, a knowledge assistant for enterprises looking to improve the productivity of their most strategic teams. As work environments have evolved, so have the ways workers seek out information and complete their jobs. Employees want to ask questions in natural lang…

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