The more I use #ChatGPT, the more it amazes me. At times I feel it's a fun tool but with responses like this are just mind blowing.

Some of the "surprising" responses that I found with the tools can be read here:

Butter Chicken Rasgulla

The idea behind this question was to see if ChatGPT can detect that its absurd to mix a savoury dish with a sweet one. Gladly, it not only not disappointed but rather exceeded the expectations.

Regina Phalange

So it got the reference of friends as a series and not the english word "friends". Impressive!!

Wrong fact ?
It went wrong with the facts though, as it was not an alter-ego of Joey but Phoebe. Not sure which series Boxman is it referring to. On prodding more it repeated itself while google gave the following:

Toothbrush 🪥

Not recommending any brand. Not a sellout :). I can sleep well.

Then i reversed the question thinking it will agree with me. It stuck to it's stand, firmly but politely. Impressive!!

Jeans Or Chinos ? 👖

Unlike more opinionated bots, this one is quite resonable and human-like. Liked it.

Retinol? 🤔

Spot on!!

Christmas 🎄

Not bad for a bot that can't browse the internet.

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