Amazon has recently announced the general availability of CodeWhisperer, a powerful real-time AI coding companion that is designed to help developers stay productive and maintain their flow while working on complex coding tasks. The platform works seamlessly within popular IDEs, providing developers with instant code suggestions and security scanning features. This post will take a closer look at the features, benefits, and use cases of CodeWhisperer and how it can help developers to become more productive.

Main Features:

  1. Wide Language Support: CodeWhisperer supports a broad range of programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, Rust, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, C, C++, Shell scripting, SQL, and Scala.
  2. IDE Compatibility: The platform works with popular IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, CLion, GoLand, WebStorm, Rider, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, and DataGrip, as well as natively in AWS Cloud9 or AWS Lambda console.
  3. Real-time Code Suggestions: CodeWhisperer provides real-time code suggestions as developers type code or comments in their IDE, helping them to quickly and securely write code without needing to break their flow to search for answers elsewhere.
  4. Security Scanning: The platform is the only AI coding companion to offer security scanning for both generated and developer-written code, identifying and suggesting remediations for hard-to-detect vulnerabilities, such as those listed in the OWASP top ten.
  5. Optimized for AWS APIs: While CodeWhisperer provides suggestions for general-purpose use cases across various languages, it is optimized for the most-used AWS APIs, such as AWS Lambda or Amazon S3, making it an ideal coding companion for those building applications on AWS.

Benefits of Using CodeWhisperer:

  1. Improved Productivity: CodeWhisperer helps developers improve their productivity by providing real-time code suggestions for routine tasks, working with unfamiliar APIs or SDKs, and making correct and effective use of AWS APIs.
  2. Faster Task Completion: During the preview phase, participants who used CodeWhisperer were 27% more likely to complete tasks successfully and did so an average of 57% faster compared to those who did not use the platform.
  3. Enhanced Security: The built-in security scanning feature helps developers identify and remediate hard-to-detect vulnerabilities, ensuring that their code is more secure and reliable.
  4. Reduced Disruption: By providing recommendations directly within the IDE, CodeWhisperer reduces the need for developers to leave their environment to search for answers, minimizing disruptions and maintaining their flow.

How to Get Started with CodeWhisperer:

Developers can sign up for CodeWhisperer using just an email account and start benefiting from its features within minutes. The platform offers a free Individual tier for all developers, as well as a Professional tier with added administrative features for business users.

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a game-changer for developers, providing real-time code suggestions, security scanning, and seamless integration with popular IDEs. By using this powerful AI coding companion, developers can significantly improve their productivity, write more secure code, and stay focused on their work without unnecessary disruptions.

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